The world is often a scary place for individuals with autism. That’s why they need safe spaces where they can self-regulate when overwhelmed by sensory inputs. Otherwise, a child with autism spectrum disorder experiences a meltdown. Meltdowns caused by anxiety can make it difficult for your child to participate in everyday activities or even leave the house.

Why does this happen?

Because individuals with autism are easily triggered by loud noises, bright lights, or the texture of their clothes. They are uncomfortable in this world and don’t have the necessary skills to express their emotions and discomfort. Children with ASD struggle with sensory processing disorders and, while some kids manage to calm down on their own, others experience meltdowns. Meltdowns are a type of tantrum the child with autism can’t control, so you need to find the right calming techniques you can use to relax your child.

Get inspired by the wonderful resources we’ve created. There are many tools, such as sensory bottles or toys, that can be useful when trying to calm down an autistic person. In stressful situations, it’s best to have a relaxing space where your child can go to self-regulate. When you can’t find such an area (especially when you go out), it’s essential to have other methods of calming down a meltdown. Meditation and other sports are also helpful in dealing with breakdowns and keeping the child grounded in reality.

During these stressful situations, it’s important to remember that it’s not the child’s fault. He’s not doing it on purpose to embarrass you, but it’s something they can’t control. The trauma of losing control of themselves is real; you don’t need to add to the embarrassment by punishing your child. It’s how autistic brains are wired, so you have to be supportive and empathetic. With patience and love, you can overcome anything.

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Parents and caregivers often face challenges when dealing with autistic meltdowns. There is not much you can really do to calm your child down during an episode, but there are some ways to help reduce the severity of the event and keep them safe.

This article explores the most common causes of autistic meltdowns and how to distinguish them from temper tantrums.

What triggers autistic meltdowns?

Meltdowns usually occur when an overstimulating event is perceived as overwhelming and impairs a person’s ability to regulate their behavior.