The Best Autism Podcasts to Listen to This Holiday

By sandra.caplesc…, 18 November, 2022
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In today’s world, 1 in 68 children is on the autism spectrum—and, unfortunately, the number can be even higher. This creates challenges for many parents, from special education and medical care to socialization and daily life.

However, support comes in many forms, even information. That’s why podcasts offer convenience and ease and provide encouragement and inspiration. They also provide essential information to support children and their families. In our hectic life, podcasts are a great way to get news, music, and entertainment. Keeping up with the latest research and news from the autism community can be a life changer.

If you are interested in podcasts, this article offers a few recommendations that hopefully will be helpful to you. This winter holiday is the perfect time to tune into some good autism podcasts—and relax under a cozy blanket with your little one.

Sensory Matters

ChewiGem is a brand in the UK that offers sensory products for autistic children and adults. Their products help with noise sensitivity as well as chew toys.

Why are we talking about ChewiGem? Because Sensory Matters is a spin-off podcast hosted by the people of this brand. Lorraine is on the spectrum and often discusses essential topics with her “Chew Crew,” such as how Christmas can be overwhelming. They also offer budget-friendly strategies, which are usually simple to apply in real life.

If you are looking for chewy toys, here are some great options:

The Autism Helper Podcast

Available on Spotify, The Autism Helper Podcast is one of the most popular autism podcasts—and it’s only 20 minutes long. It’s broadcasted daily and focuses on providing parents with tactics and strategies for managing their child’s behavior at home. It also features appearances by experts in the field or parents with children with autism.

Turn Autism Around

Turn Autism Around is all about “turning autism around.” It explores autism through different perspectives, and it’s great for those who work in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy. This podcast focuses on how parents and professionals view and address autism in the family—and, ultimately, optimize their lives.

It airs once a week.

Autism Science Foundation Weekly Science Report

If you are interested in the science behind autism, then this podcast is right for you. Doctors and parents work together to promote ASD research and awareness. This weekly podcast summarizes new information about autism spectrum disorder. The episodes cover various topics, from funding and genetics to relationships and sexuality.

Autistic Girls World

Unfortunately, autism is heavily gendered and flawed when it comes to diagnosis. Autism in women is often diagnosed far later in life than in men because of biased diagnostic criteria, stereotypes—and more.

This podcast looks at life on the spectrum and all its messy glory while tackling the unanswered questions many of us have. This podcast is aimed at younger listeners and has a talented female host.

Adventures in Autism

This is a weekly podcast where the host shares her experience as an autism mom while also interviewing other parents, experts, and others in the autism community.

Sometimes, learning about others' personal experiences is essential so you don't need to feel alone. Autism can take a toll on parents, so hearing others go through the same experience as you can be reassuring. In addition, you will get insight into coping with the challenges of having an autistic child and how to apply therapeutic strategies.

Josh Has Autism

Josh Has Autism, airing since 2017, offers a personal look at living with a child with autism. It’s hosted by a mother, Sonya King, who lives with an adult son with autism, Josh, and she offers insightful, sometimes comedic information.

Not Neurotypical with Laura Zdan

Autistic people are treated as being different since there is an emphasis on conforming and “being normal.” This podcast is unique because it celebrates being different, not judged for how autistic people are. Laura Zdan, the podcast host, interviews autistic people, shares specific experiences, and helps reduce autism stigma.

Autism POVs

This podcast covers essential topics related to people in the autism community. The aim is to help create understanding for autistic people involved in the community. You can learn about parental support, early intervention, bullying, etc.

The Autism Show

In this podcast, you can listen to many experiences of people in the autism community. You will hear inspirational stories every week from educators, professionals, and organizations. For example, many episodes focus on educating parents to help children regulate their emotions and senses.

Spectrum Autism Research

This is another podcast that offers the latest news and analysis about autism research. You will listen to expert commentary on autism papers so that you will get a lot of opinions on current trends and controversies.

Autastic: A Comedian’s Guide to Autism

If you are looking for something more fun, then try this podcast. Created by family members of people on the spectrum, the hosts use humor to discuss autism. It’s a judgment-free autism podcast that provides a reliable perspective for anyone living with someone on the spectrum.

All Autism Talk

This podcast is the best option if you want to make connections. Each episode features individuals making their mark in the autistic community, exploring topics such as autism culture or words to use when discussing autism.

ABA Inside Track

This podcast is focused on applied behavior analysis and the evidence-based research that proves this type of therapy effective. You will gain valuable insights and new perspectives from the discussions. Tune in each week.

Discover more about The Different Types of Therapies for Children with Autism.

Spectrumly Speaking

This biweekly podcast is aimed at women with an autism spectrum disorder. You will hear personal stories and interviews with some of the community’s most exciting voices.

Naturally Recovering Autism with Karen Thomas

Karen Thomas didn’t take ‘no’ for an answer when her son was diagnosed with autism. Her research into the disorder helped her son defy the odds and recover. This podcast is suitable for parents who want to help their children improve their social abilities and communication.

The Anxiety Podcast

This podcast will help you manage your child’s anxiety and offer tips for moving past it. A recent survey found that 59% of children with autism said anxiety greatly impacted their daily lives. The host is familiar with panic attacks and shares tips on recovering.

Adulting on the Spectrum

It’s mainly dedicated to adults with autism. The podcast focuses on the highs and lows of life on the spectrum. They often invite adults with ASD to discuss life and challenges in an open forum.

The Autism Dad Podcast

It offers weekly episodes about parenting, ADHD, autism, mental health, etc. The hosts are loved by the audience for their no-nonsense approach to topics.

The Dad’s Home: Parenting, Autism and Figuring It Out is similar to this podcast. You will listen to a father presenting his experience of having four children, one diagnosed with ASD. This wholesome podcast shares a personal glimpse into the family's life and explores self-care, stress, and sibling relationships.

Chit Chat with Hope

This is the best parenting podcast for newly diagnosed toddlers. It's a weekly podcast that looks at the daily lives of children and families navigating life on the spectrum. They have many engaging episodes, such as tips for parenting a child with autism.