How Can Children with Autism Use Sensory Toys to Relieve Anxiety?

By raluca.olariu@…, 27 March, 2023
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Children with autism often experience intense levels of anxiety which can be difficult to manage.

Sensory toys are designed to provide comfort and relaxation for children and can be an effective tool in managing the anxiety associated with autism. These toys help the child focus their attention on a calming activity that provides tactile, auditory, or visual stimulation. By providing sensory experiences in a controlled environment, these toys can help reduce stress and improve overall mood.

This article will discuss how sensory toys can be used to provide relief from anxiety for children with autism.

Understanding the Benefits of Sensory Toys for Autism

Sensory toys can provide a calming effect on children with autism who experience anxiety. These toys can help to create an environment that is more manageable and less overwhelming, allowing children to focus and relax. Through tactile, auditory, or visual stimulation, sensory toys may provide a sense of control and reduce stress levels.

Studies have found that when used regularly, sensory toys may help improve behavior and increase communication in children with autism. They can also provide an outlet for self-expression, allowing children to explore their own interests and develop new skills.

Choosing Appropriate Sensory Toys for Autistic Children

When selecting sensory toys for children with autism, it is important to consider the individual’s particular needs and preferences. Children may respond differently to different types of toys, so it is important to find a toy that will be both engaging and calming. 

Types of sensory toys for children with autism include:

Developing Relaxation Routines Using Sensory Toys

Once appropriate sensory toys have been selected for a child with autism, it is important to develop an effective relaxation routine. This routine should include regular use of sensory toys in order to provide calming sensations and promote relaxation.

When creating a relaxation routine, parents should consider the individual needs of their child and plan activities that are both enjoyable and calming. Parents may also need to adjust the routine over time as their child’s needs and interests change.

Creating a Safe Environment for Sensory Toy Use

Creating a safe and comfortable environment is essential when using sensory toys with children with autism. Ensure that the area is free from distractions, such as loud noises or bright lights. Parents should also create boundaries for the activity to promote safety and provide structure for their children.

Additionally, it is important to ensure that all sensory toys are safe and appropriate for the child’s age and abilities.


Sensory toys are an effective tool for relieving anxiety, which is a very common symptom of children with autism. Fortunately, these toys can be a child's best friend when dealing with episodes of intense anxiety and distress.

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