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Autism is a condition that causes people to act differently from neurotypical people. It's often called "autism," but it's not really an illness; it's just a different kind of behavior than most people exhibit.

It used to be divided into subtypes, such as Aspergers'syndromes, but it's now considered a disorder with a broad range of varying degrees of symptomatology and severities.

But among adults, autism is about four and a half times more common in males than in females.

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Online resources are beneficial for people with ASD, but they're also potentially harmful if not used correctly. This guide will give you some tips for using the internet safely.

What are the risks associated with online environments for people with autism?

Online environments present both opportunities and challenges for people with ASD. Understanding these issues can help you better prepare for them.

This article will teach you about some common difficulties encountered by people with autism spectrum disorders when interacting online.


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Cats. Undeniably charming animals, self-sufficient and some might say unsociable. However, not so recently, scientists have begun to look at how cats can improve different types of social behaviors, including for individuals with autism. Having a pet, regardless of its type, is very often an enabler of developing strong interpersonal skills, like sharing or empathy.